About Us

WHO – husband and wife team….Leonard and Margaret Nafziger from Bryan Ohio…been married 26 years
WHAT – a decorating service of floor, backdrop, and ceiling treatments including flowers and centerpieces. We do some interior decorating but primarily event decorating….mostly weddings and receptions.
WHEN – we started in the year 2000….so 18 years experience. When we were married in 1991….we decorated the church a bit. A cousin who attended our wedding asked me to decorate her reception when she was married in May 2000.
WHERE – anywhere…nationwide. We do not mind traveling.
WHY –  some venues require complete transformation….other venues may just need some accessorizing. I enjoyed creating the sets for church plays and dinner theaters. Margaret had a custom drapery business for many years. We combined our experience to create Elegant Atmospheres wedding design. I asked the  first two brides for some feed back. They both used the word “elegant.” The first groom used the word “gorgeous.”
GOAL – it is obvious that we want you to be happy….by fulfilling your wishes and dreams. We have found that all brides…and sometimes grooms…have ideas, likes, and dislikes. It is a matter of brainstorming the possibilities until we arrive at a workable plan. I like to start by asking a bride….if money was no issue….what would your wedding be like? In other words….dream big….and if necessary…we can whittle things back.